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  • Product environment & Photographic Support

    We believe that good presentation is the key to increasing online sales. Only products that meet our standard will be posted on the website

  • Seller can Concentrate on developing the product

    We have contact with Thaipost and UPS Tonkla provide you with simple International shipping solution so designer can fully concentrade on the product development

  • Free marketing

    We offer sitewide discounts and product advertisement on our website at no extra cost. We also employ search engine optimisation to increase the likelihood of our website appearing in search results. This means more potential customers to our sellers.

Payment & Fees 15% Commission in total

    No Monthly fee / No post fees

  • Unlimited Photo uploading

    Commission (10%)

  • No cost until you’ve sold your product

    Payment transfer

  • Monthly transactions:
    • Minimum of 1000 Baht value per month
      (without Shipping cost )
    • Free when you reached 1000 Baht
    • Normal transaction cost of 50 Baht
  • Transaction can be requested
    • Transaction cost of 50 Baht

    300 Baht per product (for white background)

  • Apply logistic Flowchart
  • 500 Baht for 360 degree picture

    Sellers are not required to pay any shipping fees

How we work?

Tonkla wants to bring the best handmade products from Thai designers to customers around the world. We pay close attention to every little detail; from the images on our website to the delivery process to our customers. This ensures that every product meets the highest standard possible. Are you interested in becoming a part of our marketplace? Whether you are looking to expand your business or have a passion for providing the finest products to customers,Tonkla is the place for you.

Every product posted on our website goes through an approval process by us.
This safeguards our sellers from potential copyright infringement.

  • Prepare the
    listing of products

  • Listings are evaluated
    and approved by admin

  • Start selling at


Joining our marketplace can be beneficial in many ways: we provide a platform to expand your business, support the community, and create more opportunities for the market to grow.

  • We handle logistic for you

  • Platform to showcase your

  • Expand your business inter
    other area of the world

  • Quality control both
    product and photo


We understand that creating quality products take time which can leave you with too much work and too little time. Therefore, we partnered up with UPS and Thailand Post to handle logistic and shipping processes for you so you can focus on what you do best. All you have to do is pack your items, attach the shipping label, and send.

  • Recieved order

  • Print & Stick label

  • Pack & Send !

You can upload up to 5 JPG, PNG, or GIF files not exceeding a total of 4 MB. At least 1 photograph should contain a white background while other photographs can either have a white background or a suitable environment for that product.

We take care of all shipping processes including import taxes for you.

    This depends on the delivery method chosen by the buyers:

  • Thailand Post: deliver the product to any Thailand Post office in Bangkok.
  • UPS: product will be picked up by UPS at your scheduled date, time, and location.

A: The money is transferred every month on the 25th.